Radon Testing

All 53 counties in North Dakota have been placed into Zone 1 by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This highlights that homes and businesses throughout the state are at greater risk of radon poisoning. And given the subtle nature of the gas, residents may not even realize they’ve been exposed to radon until it’s too late. Fortunately, inspection services are available across the state. If you’re looking for radon testing services in Fargo, Nordic Radon Mitigation is your best bet.

Radon Gas Testing Services From Nordic Environmental

Radon Testing in Moorhead MN

Due to the elevated levels of radon throughout North Dakota, we recommend that all homeowners and businesses take advantage of radon testing by bringing in an expert radon testing company like the Nordic Environmental Division.

Nordic Companies has been inspecting residential and commercial spaces for dangers like mold and radon gas for more than 14 years. Our professionals have experience using radon level testing to detect and decrease any gas that’s built up indoors.

Our company understands the risks radon poses to our clients’ health and does everything in our power to minimize it.

Residential Radon Gas Testing Services

Many cases of radon exposure occur in the home, somewhere you and your family should feel safe from outside threats and health risks. Unfortunately, since the gas is both colorless and odorless, it often takes a professional inspection to identify an increase in radon levels.

Nordic Radon Mitigation offers radon testing services in Fargo, ND in the hopes of protecting families from the devastating health effects radon can have on the body.

Commercial Radon Gas Testing Services

Schools and workplaces are also among the most common environments for radon exposure to occur. Not only does this put children and ordinary people at greater risk of contracting lung diseases, but it could also become a liability for business owners.

Nordic Radon Mitigation is dedicated to ensuring commercial spaces throughout the Fargo area are safe for everyone.

To learn more about our radon testing services in Fargo, ND, contact Nordic Radon Mitigation today.