Radon Mitigation Solutions

The risks of elevated radon levels in homes and businesses are clear, but what can North Dakota residents do about it? If radon testing shows dangerous gas levels in your space, Nordic Radon Mitigation offers radon mitigation solutions to bring them back down.

What Is Radon Mitigation?

Fargo ND Radon Mitigation Systems

Radon mitigation is precisely what it sounds like: any process used to lower and eliminate concentrations of radon gas that have built up indoors or within one’s water supply.

Radon mitigation companies often implement tools like radon removal systems, radon removal fans, and radon gas air exchange systems to accomplish this. Such radon mitigation systems pull radon out of the air and replace the toxic substance with fresh air. They’re shown to reduce radon levels by around 75%, making them an effective long-term solution for anyone whose home or business is at greater risk.

Is Radon Mitigation Expensive?

Accounting for testing and the installation of radon mitigation systems, radon reduction expenses can quickly add up. On average, installing radon mitigation systems can cost anywhere between $800 and $3,000. Once they’re added to a building, they can also increase the electric bill.

Of course, costs of radon mitigation are dependent on factors like a building’s age, as well as its foundation and the materials it’s built out of. The type of radon mitigation system one chooses to install can also impact the pricing.

What Radon Mitigation Services Are Available in Fargo, ND?

To learn more about the various types of radon mitigation systems and radon mitigation solutions, contact Nordic Radon Mitigation for details.